SIGEVO Executive Board

SIGEVO membership is called to elect 1/3 of the Executive Committee ever other year. Members are elected for 6 years, with the possibility of renewal.
The last elections were held in 2023 for a period beginning July 15, 2023.

Current members

Term expires 2025

Term expires 2027

Term expires 2029

  • Francisco Chicano, University of Málaga
  • Sara Silva, University of Lisbon
  • Anne Auger, Inria
  • Heike Trautmann, Paderborn University
  • Carlos Artemio Coello, CINVESTAV National Polytechnic Institute
  • Franz Rothlauf, University of Mainz

Former terms

Expired 2023

Expired 2021

Expired 2019

Expired 2017

Expired 2015

Expired 2013