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post-doc: Research Officer
Where: Swansea, United Kingdom United Kingdom
What: Policy decisions on non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) for tackling the Covid-19 pandemic thus far have been driven by the objective of controlling the spread. However, there are other, potentially conflicting, objectives, such as reducing the economic cost of NPIs. In this exciting project, we will develop novel methods to perform multi-objective optimisation under uncertainty from data-driven models to approximate the optimal trade-off between competing objectives for NPIs. Our goal is then to develop a decision support tool using state-of-the-art visual analytics techniques for the policymakers so that they can readily investigate the trade-offs between NPIs and make an informed decision. If successful, the developed software system would help inform the Welsh government when formulating policy.

The person sought for this position would have expertise in evolutionary search (preferably multi-objective Bayesian optimisation), machine learning, visualisation and/or operational research methods. They would apply these methods in training models of objectives from data, and then performing a multi-objective search to estimate the optimal trade-offs. Working with leading experts in evolutionary search and visualisation, they would then develop a visually interactive tool for exploring the decision space, clearly depicting dominance between solutions.

For more details, visit: https://www.swansea.ac.uk/jobs-at-swansea/current-vacancies/details/?nPostingId=99078&nPostingTargetId=126692&id=QHUFK026203F3VBQB7VLO8NXD&LG=UK&mask=suext

Who: Dr Alma Rahat (a.a.m.rahat@swansea.ac.uk; https://www.swansea.ac.uk/staff/science/compsci/rahat-a-a-m/)
When: Until 2021-10-17 18:00
Presented at next GECCO?: no

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