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PhD: Evolutionary Optimization and Learning
Where: Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Canada
What: Two Ph.D. positions with a focus on real-valued evolutionary computation are available. The aim is to contribute to the design of capable black-box optimization strategies through an understanding of algorithm properties on simple test problems. Areas of focus include constrained optimization, surrogate model assisted evolutionary computation, and evolutionary optimization and machine learning.

A prior degree in Computer Science is required. A graduate degree, publications in good venues, and a strong background in continuous mathematics (linear algebra and multi-variable calculus) are valuable assets.

Applications from underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged.

Dalhousie University is the largest university in Atlantic Canada. Macleans has ranked Halifax the best community to live in Canada in 2021.

Applications will be reviewed continually. The start date for the positions is in September 2022.

Who: Dirk Arnold,
When: Until 2022-01-30 23:00
Presented at next GECCO?: yes

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